1967 Porsche 912

Restored, Matching Numbers, Records

Restored, Matching Numbers CoA, Extensive History & Documentation

This 1967 912 was purchased new in the Redwood City California area. The owner serviced the 912 regular throughout her ownership. Documents show the 912 was maintain yearly and in 1984 the engine was fully rebuilt. Per the records, she continued to service the 912 routinely until the day she sold it to the 2nd owner in Saratoga Springs NY, with 60,973 miles. The 2nd owner had a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) performed on the 912 and the PPI is in the records along with photos to document the 912 during the valuation in June of 1994. The records stop from the 2nd owner. It appears to have been purchased by the 3rd owner from Bayboro NC, in 2007. The 3rd owner maintained the records on the 912 and did a mild restoration with a photo documentation of the work. As shown in the photos, the 912 was free of rust or corrosion issues. It appears to only have had the front battery pan replaced during the restoration. The 3rd owner did not drive the 912 much during his ownership and sold the 912 to the 4th owner in November of 2012. The 4th owner has had the 912 since and has shown it in numerous PCA events (winning events as well). He is a 40-year PCA member and a PCA Zone 3 Concours Judge. The 912 lived in Panama City FL, until he traded it to us for a 1971 911E. He did all of his own service work and maintenance on the 912 during his ownership.

Matching Numbers CoA
Extensive Documentation & History
Fuchs and Steel Wheels included.
Weber's and Solex Carbs included.

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Engine type
Body color
Polo Red
Engine size
5 Speed Manual
Seat material
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