1980 Porsche 930 Turbo S

Rare Special Wishes 930 S/Slantnose

Extremely Rare - The Special Wishes 930 S/Slantnose Prototype Built by Porsche

Rare Opportunity (made available from a private collection)

1980 930 Prototype
Chassis No. 000136
Engine No. 6710151
Transmission 4spd LSD
Kilometers: 13,800
Color Originally Silver Now painted 717 only 911 officially painted this color by Porsche.
Interior: Original 935 Lollipop lightweight seats
Wheels: 3 Piece Magnesium BBS wheels
Delivery Date: October 23rd 1980 to Mr. Gerhard Amann Karlshrue Germany

This is the Original Factory Prototype of the 930 Turbo S Slantnose, created by Porsche for a well-known German Businessman in June of 1980. It was first registered in October of 1980. The total cost to build this car was $100k. This was the first road going 935 style 930 built by Porsche; it has been written about in numerous books by Peter Morgan, Patrick Paternie and Bruce Anderson along with others.

The car Started life after Mr. Amann asked Porsche to build him a Street version 935 after Porsche had Won Le Mans with the 935. The told Mr. Aman that they had just created a special department for “Special Wishes”. The car started life as a Silver car and standard 300hp till Mr. Amann sent the car back to Special Wishes Program in 1985. He had Porsche completely rebuild the car to the specs of the current cars at cost of $50k (in 1980's dollars). This included engine rebuild and various upgrades to gain 30 more HP. Color was changed to 717 that was never used for 911 and only used for the 944 models. The front and rear spoilers were changed as well from the quad light system to the new 935 round headlight unit. In recognition of this work done by the men at the Zuffenhausen, a special Porsche Crest was placed on the glovebox with the code G.S.A-0/13/31. The letters stand for the owners initials and the numbers where Mr. Aman's lucky Roulette numbers.

This car is very well documented from Porsche to the past owners in Germany and in the UK all the way to the US. The car has documents from the German government authorizing the change of the bumpers and registration plate to that of USA style rear bumper. This car is accident free and is in exceptional condition in every facet.

This car is a very important piece of Porsche history and development, not only for being the first Slantnose produced but also the first car created under the Porsche Special Wishes Program.

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Engine type
Body color
Graphite Metallic
Engine size
4 Speed Manual
Seat material
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