1972 Porsche 911S

Restored 2.7L RS Spec 72S Targa HR

RS Spec 2.7L 1972 911S Targa HR in Cobalt Blue Metallic on Black RS Sport Seats

- Rare 1972 911S Targa
- Restored to a new car in every aspect with improved power, braking and handling vs. stock
- Less than 1,000 miles on engine & transmission
- Less than 3,000 miles on chassis since restoration
- 2.7 RS+ spec with short ratio stock gearbox
- Very quick, the 2.7L and Mod S cams provides low end torque of an E with the top end pull of an S
- Suspension to be neutral turn in and through the corners with brakes that provided confidence
- Donor never wrecked, no any rust issues.
- SC Flares
- F/R RS bumpers and Duck Tail

Build Notes:
- Outside surfaces went to bare metal, sealing primer everywhere else
- 2 Part epoxy paint used
- Many hours on body prep
- Top coat by local professional painter (Darrell Watson)

- Extensive receipts and history going back to 70's
- Marjory of work on car (except 2.7S Engine) was done 2000-2004
- All bolts/nuts and hardware have been blasted and CAD (not zinc) plated although some parts like brakes have faded

- Brakes Rebuilt with all Carrera calipers (cad plated), new Zimmerman 24mm cast cross dill rotors, new pads (PF Z rated front, Metal Master rear). Custom Carrera power brakes (new MC) and new Carrera brake lines, Tilton 3 position rear brake bias adjuster, braided brake hoses

- Suspension: Front: Carrera Aluminum cross member, poly bushing's in A arms with grease fittings and reinforced sway bar tabs. New Turbo Tie rods. New Green Bilstein struts and inserts (green) with modified (heated/bent) steering arm to eliminate bump steer when car was lowered. 19MM Weltmeister front sway bar with double adjustable end links to take out preload.

- Suspension Rear: Carrera Aluminum trailing arms, new inner stock bushings and new wheel bearings, Carrera adjustable spring plate with new Elephant Racing Poly/Brass bushings with grease fittings. All parking brake hardware was cad plated. New Green Bilstein shocks Rear half shafts were repacked with grease. 19MM Weltmeister rear sway bar with a double adjustable end link to take out preload.

- Wheels are 7/8/16 Fuchs with painted centers and crest caps

- Cornered balanced on race scales with 200Lb weight for driver

- Chassis: New German OEM windshield with F/R new chrome trim, new Porsche factory dash, German carpet, new Lloyd's 911S mats and rear deck mat, 6x9 rear speakers, new perforated leather RS seats from GTS classics (Stefan) with Recaro Sliders, RS door panels, Fitti steering wheel with Personal adapter. New Bosh headlights and rear Bosch turn/stop lenses that are attached to Carrera housings, front housing are in like new condition. Loud Fiamm air horn.

72S 915 Transmission (non LSD): Factory short shift with all new bushings. Completely rebuilt by pervious Eng. Owner. New bearings, syncros and any wear items. Installed SC ratios 2-5 to create “airport” or short ratio trans which greatly improves acceleration. Installed 4 new motor mounts.

Engine Rebuild Summary:
Case, rockers and rods to Ollies (details in receipts), work that was done:
- Align bore mains
- Weld/reinforce #3 cylinder area in case
- Install time-serts
- Rebuild Rods and Rockers
- New bearings/polish
- Oil bypass mod inspection

2.7 Build:
- Case came with a like new set of 2.7 cylinders
- New 9.5:1 JE coated skirt pistons
- Crank in standard range and all surfaces
- Measured, magnafluxed, checked straightness and polished
- Rebuilt MFI heads.
- Clean-up port/polish and fitted heads to gaskets
- New Dougherty Racing Mod S cams with MFI boss
- 3.2 steel head studs.
- 3.2 case bolds and washers
- Chamfered case bolt holes and installed viton seals so no leaks
- 3.2 Oil pump was installed with 20K known miles
- Oil bypass mod done
- 3.2 Pressure fed chain tensioners
- New chains and all new bearings.
- New SSI MFI heat exchangers and Dansk stainless sport muffler
- New clutch disc and aluminum PP with new TOB.
- New PMO 40MM carb kit with pressure regulator
- MFI shroud
- 3.2 fan housing with single wire (no voltage reg.) 75 amp but used original fan
- 3.2 wiring harness with custom mounting console
- Ignition: Stock S distributor with points
- Mallory/MSD multiple spark ignition box (looks vintage) mounted to custom console
- MSD Blaster coil and new wires going to NGK plugs
- Rothsports Racing oil return check valve so there is oil in your tank on startup up and mitigates leaks

- Original tool kit,
- Carrera spare tire
- Compressor
- Battery Boxes
- Original 5th gear
- Seat belt buzzer wiring
- Roll Bar
- Books, Tools, Jack
- Front Bra
- Extra Key
- Porsche CoA
- Extensive Records

Feel free to call or text any questions 256.702.5185 or email: edarby@trisslsportscars.com


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Cobalt Blue Metallic
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5 Speed Manual
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