1987 Porsche 944 Turbo Cup

1987 944 Turbo Cup #6 of 11 built

1987 Porsche 944 (951) Turbo Cup, Alpine White on Black Leatherette

In 1987, this Porsche race car made its way to North America with ten other Turbo Cup/Escort cars. This 944 and one other were reserved for Canada, while the other nine Turbos stayed in the United States. Porsche was able to import the Eleven Turbo Cup cars to North America in full race configuration, with full roll cages and no airbags, as street cars with titles. The cars were imported with catalytic converters that were removed for racing and replaced with full race exhaust (we still have both exhausts with our car).
Once in Canada, the two Turbo Cup cars suited up with numbers 60 and 61 for the Rothmans Turbo Cup series and ran the 24 hr Mosport race. The #60 car was driven by Rick Bye, Cam Champion and David Deacon. Scott Goodyear, Spienard and Bill Adam ran the #61. We have acquired the #60 car, the sixth car from the original group of eleven. We found this gem just outside of Toronto where the original owner had kept it tucked away. Included with the purchase were some great photos of the #60 and #61 cars racing on the track as well as a list containing info on all eleven Cup cars.
Our #60 Turbo Cup car was purchased from Porsche St Catherine's in 1988 after it ran the Mosport 24hr race. The car was registered for the street and sits now with 21k original miles. It is all original and comes with the original tool kit, spare seat, extra set of Magnesium Wheels with tires, as well as the original Pirelli Slicks, two steering wheels (the original and the one used when the car was raced), plus a few other small items.

Here is a little run down on history of these Turbo Cup Cars:

Porsche's racing heritage is known for the Cup-series cars, those designed and built for competition. Cup series, drivers compete in cars factory-built to a strictly-enforced configuration. Porsche's first Cup series premiered in Germany in 1986, as most would think it was the 911, but instead a factory modified 944 Turbo. The New 944 was used in Turbo Cup race series in Germany, South Africa, France, Canada and the U.S.,

The list of factory options of the 944 Turbo Cup cars is what every track driver would want to do to a car: more power, less weight, better brakes, steering, handling and reliability. Power was increased by a larger turbocharger, more boost and special engine management, helping get close to 300 hp through a racing clutch and transaxle with a stronger limited slip unit, strengthened transmission and differential gears and an external cooler.

Weight reduction came from a fiberglass hood with recessed quarter-turn quick-open latches. Lightweight magnesium parts intake manifold, oil pan, and wheels. The cars also used a smaller alternator, battery, and lightweight mirrors. A big weight reduction came from eliminating lots of electronic systems and parts. The power steering was replaced with a quick-ratio manual rack. Also eliminated were power windows, seats, locks and mirrors. Further reducing weight, they were built without air conditioning, radio, sunroof, headlight washers, rear wiper, and storage pockets. Noise insulation and undercoating were also eliminated. These reductions contributed to the loss of around 400 pounds.

Most of the ROW Turbo Cup cars, our #60 car included, used Bilstein suspension. However, the nine U.S. Turbo Cup cars used Koni suspension. The Bilstein suspension is fully adjustable for both ride height and damping. Larger sway bars were also used, with the rear adjustable. Braking received huge factory upgrades, with a system built around 928 S4, cross-drilled rotors, and 959 brake pads. Console mounted switch allowed drivers to switch the ABS on or off. The car also sports a matter bolt-in roll cage and Recaro racing seat with embroidered Porsche crest, as well as five-point, Sabelt racing belts securing the driver.

Collectors agree that the Turbo Cup cars are very desired, plus a significant chapter in Porsche history. This is one of the most significant of all the Turbo Cup Cars as it wears the Original Rothmans Livery.  The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart has one of these Turbo Cup Cars as well.

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