1968 Porsche 911

1968 Porsche 911 Hot Rod R

This car is the Perfect car for the R Gruppe Member or Someone wanting a car that is far from The stock form and wants to be different. If you ask what is R Gruppe.  “R Gruppe was founded to celebrate cars built for what Porsche referred to as 'The Sports Purpose.' In the 1960s. Porsche realized that a large portion of its customers wanted to race, rally or hill-climb their vehicles, so the company released a document to help them out. It detailed factory race parts and easy modifications that could be done (and undone) to any car Porsche built.”

So as a Fan of the R Gruppe This car comes as the Perfect Driver car to the Mountain Road Driver. Fitted with a 3.0CIS this car Runs Drive and Cranks every time that it is turned over.


Engine type
Body color
Slate Grey
Engine size
5spd 915 LSD
Seat material
Miles Shown