2005 Porsche GT3

2005 Porsche GT3 Rare

Low Mile GT3 in Slate Grey and Black leather. This car was ordered to be the same as the Club Sport GT3, Which was not offered in the US. Car has the following Options.

The 996  GT3 was devoid of any unnecessary items that would add weight to the car by the Factory. Sound deadening was almost completely removed, as were the rear seats, rear loud speakers, sunroof, and air conditioning, although automatic air conditioning and CD/radio became no-cost optional add-ons. In addition, Porsche offered a no-cost option called the Clubsport package. This option replaced the standard electrically adjustable leather front seats with manually adjustable racing buckets finished in fire-retardant fabric, single mass flywheel, bolt-in half-roll cage, 6-point drivers racing harness (also replacing the standard side airbags), fire extinguisher (mounted in the front passenger footwell) and preparation for a battery master switch. The Clubsport option was never offered to US customers ostensibly due to the additional DOT crash testing that would have been required to allow US sales.

To bring the vehicle's track-prowess to the maximum level, Porsche endowed the GT3 with enlarged brakes, a lowered, re-tuned suspension system, lighter-weight wheels and a new front bumper with matched rear spoiler to help increase downforce, thereby increasing grip.


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